Dow 7000, is about to happen !

Discussion in 'Economics' started by zanek, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. zanek


    All the pieces are in place. One of my most reliable systems shows that we are literally at the edge now, teetering over slightly.

    The close of the DOW today will seal the deal.

    Here is what this system is predicting. The DOW will see another heavy sell off for the month of September. We will see a couple more months of down activity until we bottom out around ~8000 or ~7000

    Guaranteed that you'll hear some BS story in the news about why the market dropped, but the drop has been setting up for some time.

    You heard it from me first ! I'm not selling anything nor do I care which way the market goes. Just thought I'd share
  2. Yer shure dis went heppen fersht?

  3. zanek


    Thats pretty funny. I'm going to go with no. Obviously, nothing is 100%, but this system has been highly accurate
  4. all systems are accurate until they're not.
  5. Dolemite


    So the website you are linking to is free and you don't have to pay for the service?
  6. zanek


    Actually, the website is free, there is no mention of paying for anything on it. I just thought I'd mention the site, its not the main point though.
  7. Eight


    The '87 Crash was in the fall and after markets were already down 15% from the top...
  8. S2007S


    Dont be surprised when support is broken on all major averages and dont be surprised when the dow breaks its may 2010 lows.

    All the dumb bulls thought the market would stay above 10,000 for the rest of 2010, hahah.
  9. Who cares about the DOW?

    How much money did your perma-bear attitude net you in 2009 again?
  10. I trade the TSX its real strong still with support from Canadian banks and resource stocks. I can't see any real reason for it to go down prior to April 2011.

    Anythings possible I guess even permabears like you have to be right occasionally. Its just not likely right now.
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