Dow 5000 Nasdaq 800

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  1. think of the bear from the cnbc commercial when you read this:

    DOW 5000, NASDAQ 800

    might not be too far off at this pace
  2. They're not laughing a Bill Gross now. In fact most people are hoping (but not hopeful) for a bottom north of 6,300 as that would represent the most favorable outcome at this point.
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    What if that happens?
    WIll the daliy average range will be smaller?
  4. agree with north of 6300

    i heard when naz reahes 800 and south they will merge with the nikkei when it hits 5000 and form thew worlds biggest pile of $hit
  5. there is a long term trendline on the Dow at around 5000-5621 depending on how you draw it.
  6. Interviewer: Hello Mr. Stock BubbleMania could you tell me approximately when your Lord and Savior Alan Greenspan uttered his famous "irrational exuberance" comments regarding the potential overvalued state of the US equity markets, and could you tell me at approximately what level the Dow Jones Industrial Average was at at that time?

    Mr. Bubble Mania: Why sure that was right near the top of the bubble eeerrrrrr market highs so I'd say that was sometime in late 1999 or so and the Dow must have been in the low 11,000 range give or take ...

    Interviewer: Sorry Mr. Bubble but you are incorrect. IN fact Mr. Greenspan made those comments in late 1996 when the Dow was hitting all time highs in the low 6,000's.

    We've come a long way (and come right back) baby.....

    Now consider that the driving force behind the push to the 2000 highs was meteoric earnings growth (in theory anyway), growth rates which subsequently were proven to be completely bogus (see BrandonF's comment on only 5 of the Naz 100 companies being profitable from a GAAP perspective) a la Worldcom and others and you can see why we are heading right back where we belong.
  7. DAAT - right back to where we belong. Perfectly said. Exactly right. That's all there is to it, and there ain't no mo'!
  8. if we go that low

    they better change the name of those SSF's to


    single stock futures

    single digit futures :eek:
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  10. since this is turning into a "bottom" discussion:

    i think we need to see screaming bear market bargains too like P/E in the singles and teens, and div. yields of 6% or more, reflecting how much percieved risk there is because people are that scared or are just disinterested in owning stocks, similar to other historical troughs. it might take a dow 5000.
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