Dow 40K?

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    So anyone think this is possible? Anyone know anything about Dent and Hays and their records?

    How do we overcome the huge deficit, the aging boomers healthcare crisis, the boomers pulling their money out of the markets to live. Or are they going to pull the money out of their houses and try and play catch up on their retirement in the markets? Is there really that much money on the sidelines? I though we had just had a massive expansion of money supply and liquidity and that we were starting to contract now? Are global income levels really rising or is it just in $ terms due to $ weakness? How do rates stay low enough with all our debt that needs to be serviced? Do we even need low rates for Dow 40K?
  2. dent was saying the dow would hit 38000 in 5-6 years in 1999. need i say more?
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    Yeah when a six-inch subway sandwich cost $30 the Dow will be at 40,000. Its called hyperinflation.
  5. Mr. Dent also predicts Nasdaq to hit 8,000 or so by 2009.

    He has a new book out and still stands behind his numbers.
  6. ===================
    As far as probabilities would consider a tek or big QQQQ or oil/gas /coal/alternate energy uptrend much more probable than DIA/DOW huge uptrend;
    but dont have an opinion that '' far out.''

    And for several reasons dont think a healthcare crisis has to be for several reasons;
    a]worst case scenerio would /could be good for some like well managed healthcare/hospitals

    z]Big companies like on the DOW tend not to increase as well as smaller more efficient companies;
    & worst case health crisis could bring in much more efficient ways

  7. Actually, Baby boomer wealth will pass to Generation Y (the 'joiners') who are significantly LESS savvy than Gen X (internet IPO's, etc...). The Y'ers will certainly be fresh meat for the grinder.

    The X'ers are too much in debt to do anything but pay it, so don't count on them. Although they may yet save all our collective asses when the proverbial sh-t hits the fan.
  8. THIS must be the bottom$$$

    Cramer just called HUUUGGGEEE market bottom tonight$$

    yes! 100% up room to go
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    Huh. What a weird happenstance. Did he give any reasons (rational ones)? I'm interested to know since he eschews TA.

    I'm mildly conflicted knowing that the clown of cnbc shares my convictions.
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