dow 36k

Discussion in 'Trading' started by kingcobra, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. where is the gwailo who predicted this?
  2. It's going to get there, make no mistake about that, 15 years or so.
  3. in 15yrs, we all be under red china rule.
    better have ya kids start learning mandarin.
  4. i, for one, welcome out new chineese overloards...

    in other news, i'm still short the chineese small-cap pump-and-dump that was ran a few weeks back.

    deflating faster then anna-nicoles boobs in a thorn bush!

  5. Over my dead body...
  6. If EUR/$ goes to oh,say, 4.0 .... and earnings in adjusted USD are proportional to the devaluation of the currency, then dow 36K doesn't sound too ridiculous. Unfortunately, the dollars you will be redeeming won't be worth bupkus.
  7. anna nicole smith lose a lot of wt.
    she's hot again.
    no wonder that old geezer drop dead.