Dow 36k, Dow 100k...

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  1. `Dow 36,000' Optimists, Unbowed, Say Market Still Headed Higher

    ``I'm more confident today than I was five years ago that we're in the early days of prosperity and the Dow will reach 100,000 by the mid-2020s,'' said Kadlec, 60, managing director at closely held J&W Seligman & Co. in New York. The company manages more than $19 billion.

    Glassman, 59, defends ``Dow 36,000's'' original premise as well. The prediction -- that the Dow would triple by 2005 -- is still valid, he says, although he's pushed the deadline out to 2021.
  2. Along with 99% of everyone else.
  3. S2007S


    if dow 36,000 guy is back its time to sell....

    didnt his book come out a few months before the .com drop...
  4. HArry Dent is my hero!!
  5. The original edition came out around 1998 and he (Dent) has updated it a few times. The last update was about 2 years ago.
  6. I think I read somewhere the 36,000 DOW theory is based on hyperinflation, not immense prosperity. Now that is a definitely possibility. I read this on an ex-floor trader, now analyst, personal website so i don't remember if that was his opinion or the basis of the 36k theory.