Dow 30 Components in Europe

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    Can anyone please advise me how to obtain quotes of Dow components as traded in Europe before NYSE opens ?
    Have chart of DJII (Dow Jones Industrial Indicative), but would like to see list of component prices as traded in Europe before market opens in New York.
  2. OHLC


    You can get quotes from Esignal for example.

    Europe is not one single market, and not all components are traded on each exchange.

    Here is a starting point regarding the dow components quoting on Euronext :
    NYSE symbol Euronext symbol
    t atrp
    mo phm
    cat catr
    axp amexp
    dd dupp
    ge gne
    gm gmp
    ibm ibm
    mcd ma
    mrk mrk
    pg pgp
    utx ut

    Be aware that the liquidity issues, FX moves (these stocks quote on Euronext in Euros, not $) and shorting rules affect the stocks and may result in NOT giving a perfectly exact idea on where the US stock should trade. It is especially true at the open, since large orders are usually sent to the main market, popping up or down the stock significantly.

    Hope this helps,

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    Extremely informative ! Appreciate the effort you put into this reply.
    Thank you
  4. website

    has some of the dow components

    with delayed last prices in europe in euros

    you can convert this to USD by mulitplying the exchange rate

    times the euro price