DOW 25K Today?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by vanzandt, Dec 29, 2017.

  1. vanzandt


    Last day of the year.
    Only need 163 points.
  2. Overnight


    According to the Magic 8-Ball, the answer is "no".
  3. It may potentially be close...but I think no cigar.

    That's kind of asking alot for it, specially when you consider the past monthly and weekly chart.
    But Europe and Asia averaged up today, with no economic reports to positively (or negatively) sway the US.
    Premarket is indicating it's already potentially overbought at the open.

    As always, have initial directional or semi-directional conviction -- But remain open-minded and patient and malleable still.'s Part Art, Part Science, :confused: -- you have to constantly consider alot of dynamic variables at any moment in time within the micro and macro scale of the chart. the collective picture and Miss Bitchy Market's mood.

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  4. The corresponding 20 point drop on ES does not bode well however it is early yet.

    Just reversed long on ES from 2688 basis so it would be nice to get 10 points at least.
  5. brilliant trade
  6. Had I not miss-counted points oops.. I was short at the drop off so I have some profits to play with. Just watch out for a doubling of the range.

    Time to get to my desk. Trading lying in bed is not good.
  7. spindr0


    Reply hazy try again
    Cannot predict now
    Ask again later
    Outlook not so good
    Don't count on it
    Concentrate and ask again
    My sources say no
    Better not tell you now
    Very doubtful
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  8. Overnight


    Meanwhile, has anyone noticed the NYSE? That thing has been bullish through most other pullbacks this past quarter.
  9. Sigh, doubled for a 2nd leg down but I caught the bounce on NYSE there so all good.

    Never trade in bed even if it is the last day of the year ;)

  10. Overnight


    42 ticks on 10 contracts? You're rollin' in some dough! Nice trade.
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