DOW 2000-levels ($60 trillion loss)

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    Because of $60 Trillion loss DOW is heading towards 2000-levels. According to Dr. Marc Faber S&P 500 is heading towards 100-levels. Read this-:

    By some estimates, combined losses in commodities, stocks, bonds, real estate are greater than $60 trillion. This is beyond rescue. The chart below, borrowed from Dr. Marc Faber's Market Commentary December 1, 2008, is devastating. The chart shows a stunning loss of $30 trillion stock market wealth around the world.

    The erroneous interpretation that FDR's government programs combined with accommodative monetary policy led us out of the Great Depression will result in policies that destroy the currency. It is of little value to debate what should be done, because this is what will be done. Dr. Marc Faber in his latest Market Commentary correctly surmises, “I have repeatedly characterized the current economic conditions as comparable to a war being fought between central banks around the world and the private sector and that this war is likely to be very protracted and will lead to high volatility in all asset classes. We have seen that governments are desperate to support asset markets with “extraordinary” and unprecedented monetary and fiscal measures…”

    The ill-fated measures will fail and do more harm than good. My interpretation of the charts leads me to conclude that the DJIA will correct all of the way back down to the level of the start of the last secular bull market which began in 1982 of 1000. A similar drop to the 100-level in the S&P 500 is to be also be expected. Gold will resort to its status as a currency and all currencies will deflate against gold. The price of gold will likely top out at a price higher than $1000/oz as the ratio of Dow-to-gold dips below 1:1 as indicated in the chart below:
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    Wal-Mart is worth $250 Billion and $60 Trillion = $60,000 Billions.

    Now 60,000/250 = 240. So $60 Trillion = 240 Wal-Mart companies.

    This means loss of $60 Trillion has shut down 240 Wal-Mart companies in the world.

    Wal-Mart has 2,055,000 employees.

    Now 2,055,000 x 240 = 493200000

    This means 493 million jobs have been lost worldwide because of $60 Trillion loss from commodities, stocks, bonds, real estate. This is DEFINATELY beyond rescue.
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    How many threads do you need to post this worthless garbage on?
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    THAT'S REALITY/FACT and people should know about it.
  5. 493 million jobs lost. Think of this logically, what are there like 6 billion people in the world. Say 3 billion are working people, so are you saying that 1 in 6 jobs are lost?
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    Everybody looks at Job data released by government. But nobody thinks of job-loss which can be equated with $60 Trillion loss.

    That's the reason I have written "That's reality/fact and people should know about it."
  7. Wow. With this kind of predictive talent you and Faber must be billionaires. You are probably never wrong!
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    I have just posted an example for how much is $60 Trillion loss worth to the world economy. I think only 1000 million or 1 billion people have jobs worldwide. If 500 million jobs are lost it's end of world economy.
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    $60 Trillion loss = Over-Trimming of world economy. The situation is "highly serious". According to Dr. Marc Faber, S&P 500 will reach 100-levels. So DOW Jones will also reach 2000-levels. This will wipe out further $60 Trillion.

    That would be $120 Trillion loss for the world economy because Real estate and Commodities will crash Rock Bottom

    For past 80 years world economy has grown & crashed & grown bigger again. So people always think world economy will recover again.

    Some damages are beyond repair. Example-: I used to trim a tree in my garden every year for 8 years. After each trim the tree would grow bigger & better. But the 9th year, I over-trimmed the tree and it never grew again. It Died.
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