Dow 2000 in a few years

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  1. Looks quite possible,
    once Dow 7500 breaks, its a free fall to Dow 2000. Absolute 0 support in between.

    Now then we will complete the "great depression" cycle. All stocks should be down at least 90% .


    wonder what warren buffet would say, I dont' think he traded during the great deperssion before when all stocks were $1 from $300
  2. I think I'm buying 80% real estate when it hits dow 2000, 20% stock market.

    With manhattan real estate going down now (loss of wall street jobs) FINALLY, I can smell some good deals coming up with solid 10-15% yearly rentrolls :D


  3. If the DOW hits 2000, there won't be too many renters to fill your manhattan condo's.
  4. Where will they live then? New jersey? GMC Vans?

    I'm just buying according to the maslow theory :)
  5. If the DOW is at 2000, at least 70% of Wall St. will be out of work.

    A large amount of them will leave the NY metro area.
  6. I wasn't aware that his hierarchy of needs theory referred to rental accommodation and location. Perhaps you should branch out into this area of study...

  7. Well, Thats the only reason why NY real estate will drop 50% , cause 70% will be out of work and can't pay their mortgage.

    Heres the thing about vacancies ,
    The real estate within a 2 block radius of all subway stations, will all be filled. The rest on 1st,2nd ave or 11th and 12th or harlem , 6 floor no elevator building walkups will all be vacant and crime rampant :D
  8. And you'll buy all of the choice properties with $1 down?