Dow 15,000 !

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  1. For anyone who missed this earlier.
    Barron’s cover from Feb 13 2012 may be interpreted as a contrarian indicator...

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    <a href="">What is Socionomics ?</a></p>

  2. why do you think this article represents mood of masses ?

    article could be as easily paid by some large manipulator to suck you into short position.
  3. Lucrum


    Grand Super Pooper has been "short", with play money, for months.
  4. With inflation, we'll defintely see 15000 one day, but I'm short-term bearish, long term nuetral. The market needs a good pullback and I see lots of possible catalysts. I love America, but it seems like we're in for a long period of decline and no one knows a way out. *cough* war *cough*
  5. Bingo.

    You don't sound like a mook nor a home schooled moron nor a home schooled moron parent.

    I salute you.
  6. Lucrum,
    Your posts are very immature.
    How old are you ?
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    I don't see anything immature about Lucrum's post there Grand Super-Dooper-Pooper-Scooper
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    Your market "calls" have been the highest performing contrarian indicator going for quite some time now, shooter. S&P has gone up about 8 % since your short call. Good job. Very, very consistent. Smart money would subscribe to your services. Really.
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    You're posts are almost always wrong, naive, amateurish, ill informed, worthless, costly and laughable.

    How old are you?
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