Dow 14,000 soon

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  1. the 3 month chart for the Dow is extremely bullish^DJI&t=3m

    A perfect base is forming at 13500 and we're gonna break out higher on that base.

    Dow 14,000 is only 500 points away. All it takes are a few more 1.2% days and its done.

    The truth is the subprime and bearsterns and lending crap is over. It hasn't been in the headlines since last friday. No one cares anymore cause it was never a big deal at all.

    Some people were expecting the market to selloff today cause of no rate cut. bfft didn't happen losers.

    The technicals and fundamentals are stronger now than ever before. there is no need to overtrade or time every tick. just go long and you'll made a lot of money in the coming weeks.
  2. Guys -- do the entire board a favor and DO NOT respond to this twit.
  3. LUM today has some problems. You should check

    And another crisis looming - credit card debt increased dramatically and it's not 4-5% mortgage payment it's much more
    13B just in one month.
    It's like 40$ per each just in one month
    And interest is gonna be around 150 mil$ every month just for this month debt.
  4. Correction a la Dane Cook, "TWAT!"



  5. 95% of 'respected members' here dont know *** about the market. They can't make any good predictions nor do that have any pulse on the market. The only thing going for them is their so called 'elite status' and that is it. 85% of these elite trader are perpetually bearish and if their predictions came true the dow would still be at 10,500.

    Stupid idiots know how stocks & the markets work. Listen to the stupid people. I'm proud to be stupid and bulllish and i'll admit it.

  6. I actually edited out the "a" in a diplomatic gesture. ;)
  7. I'm fairly new to posting here....but I know there's ALOT OF MONEY out there and the money that was flowing to real estate is now flowing into the markets.

    Been selling real estate successfully for 23 yrs and these credit problems are nothing new! Not the end of the world like you believe....20 years ago the average mortgage was $170k, now it's $400-500k on average depending where you live of course!
    20 years from now it will be close to $1m...IT'S CALLED INFLATION and it's everwhere and it is what makes the smart people rich!

    I think the markets are going to the moon but with alot of volativity! IT'S CALLED DEMOGRAPHICS! THERE IS ALOT OF MONEY OUT THERE AND IT'S POURING INTO THE MARKETS!
    The baby boomers are inheriting the earth...enjoy it and make it count!
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    A sell-off never happens when people expect it to.

    However, the technicals aren't sound at all, and if you wish to convince me otherwise please go ahead and do so :)

    13200 (futures) was an obvious level to bounce off and 13600-13800 is very likely to make a lower high. If not a secondary high, sure why not 14000. But it'll only make more people like yourself believe this is only a correction whilst otoh it couldn't be further from a correction.

    12500 by the end of September.
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    Here's a book for the "stupid people" ;-)
  10. The joke is on you pal, while you are making a few bucks just being bullish, plenty of us guys who dont give a f-ck which way the market moves are making quite a bit more than you. If you want to handicap yourself by playing only one direction, have fun with that.

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