Dow 13000 a piece of cake

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  1. 250 more points to go, its going to happen, after that I just dont know.
  2. how do you know its going to happen?

  3. Because I make my living in these markets, you can buy the Dow mini futures right now today 12777, and profit because the next stop is 13000, mark it down. The june contract is @ 12877 that might be your better bet for a 100 point gain.
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    The Dow went up 3000 from its low in October 2002. Made a bottom a little below 10000 in October 2004. Best guess for the current run is about 13000 (10000 + 3000).
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    Im bearish and im even calling for DOW 13,000. However market is completely overbought.
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    guy on cnbc said the next 2-3% dip in the markets is an opportunity to buy than sell.

    I have money to put to work on the long side for 3-5 years however putting it to work up here is not my type of game.
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    last time the industrials, utilities and transports closed at highs all together was March 1998.
  8. everyone know we're going up. That's what the market does, baby.
  9. Why even mention what some shmuck on CNBC said? Do you know how wrong these guys usually are? There is some link floating around from Jan/Feb 2000 where these so called experts kept calling for higher and higher markets and everyone had their "rationale". How did that work out for them?

  10. I am sorry I posted this, I am not liking what I am seeing tonight, we may get their but that may be the top for a while.
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