Dow 13,000 !!!!!!!!!!

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    MCD, CAT and PFE all reporting tomorrow

    MCD will blow away estimates, SSS and raising guidance will only help MCD break 50 and keep it going. Speaking of MCD remember when it was like 14 bucks only a few years back. Now its the darling of wallstreet. MCD to $50.50-51

    CAT, since the economy has been booming outside the US and CAT does have much exposure to this area I say CAT does well and rockets to $72

    PFE should see 52 week highs, dont follow it but anything good and its off to $30+

    Dow 13,000, probably first thing tomorrow at 9:31.:eek: :confused: :eek: :confused:
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  2. My bad, just April expirations.
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    By the way, CAT should do well due to the fact of the weakening dollar. The dollar looks like its about to fall off a cliff.
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  4. mcd alreaxdy preannounced there earnings and $sss. CAT'S KIND OF UP IN THE AIR AS THERE CONSTRUCTION BUSINESS IN THE US IS ALL BUT GONE but the est's are for a down 10% year over year which they'll beat. pfe have no idea. and hon reports which will beat. amazing almost every dow stock beat and many beat by 5-10 cents. with this how can the market drop 10-15%?
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    CAT over 72 earnings were up across the board...

    MCD nearing 50

    PFE unchanged

    Market going for another record high and 15 for 16. It doesnt get any better than that, does it??
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