Dow 12500 Still Holding-no Bear Market-yet.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dsq, Jan 15, 2008.

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    Yes its my broken record again but the dow is still holding the 12500 level and so far this latest bit of bearsih downside action of the last few weeks is just a pullback within a 12500-13700 trading range...

    The market looks like total crap now.I think intc might pull an ibm after the close and send the market back up.Otherwise the dow is doomed....
  2. Feels like it wants to hit 10500-11000. You know, we do have more time for MORE bad news to hit. We don't need to get there today...
  3. This close is bad, both on a dynamic/psychological basis and sitting right near trendline support. A dip below the trendline tomorrow now looks probable, setting off further selling. If there is any case for a "black Wednesday" thread, this is it.
  4. There was no jreynolds undication today for a "Black Tuesday" so, we were down. If you want markets to be up tomorrow someone alert Jreynolds for his undication.

    I had to delete my post that it closed below 12500 b/c it was bought up there as it was closing.

    Is there any logical explanation for that or was there some manipulation?
  5. Those dumbasses dont need anymore motivation to create pointless threads. They are very able to do it all by themselves and add no substantial input whatsoever.

    Looks like were being supported by 1 point on the Dow

    12501 at the close...Yikes
  6. Market is rigged. Finished right at "new trendline" 12,500 and 1380.LOL
  7. lol.. You know what they say about propaganda...
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    New Lows over the next 6 months.

    DOW should see new lows before seeing fresh highs.

    If the dow breaks august lows expect 12,000.

    52wk Range: 11,926.80 - 14,280.00

    16-Aug-07 12,859.52 12,996.73 12,455.92 12,845.78 6,509,300,000 12,845.78
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    Trendlines dont support anything -
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