DOW 12,550 Goldman, pulled out the last stop

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    GOOD for market --- panic sellers..
    Goldman, pulled out the last stop on the market to trade down.
    This looks pretty calculated to me. Why so long (after the fact) for the massive down grades? Citi etc..
    This is GOOD for the market it should now create a bottom. Remember last week GS said the overall economy is in pretty good shape..
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    any thoughts?
  3. i'm long everything i can in Dow Jones Transports...

    The key is spreading industrials vs. transports, hot damn no brainer! You think ES is a f'n dragon, check out the subsets of the DJ!

    Goin to the moon on a red rocket o' green backs!

    hint hint: check out butterfly options and the "W" pattern today.

    Don't even reply.
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    Yes agreed - time to start putting stuff in the basket.. Blue light special..
    Its a wash out I have seen this in the market a million times. As the home builders said and I agree, the MEDIA is scaring prospect home buyers.
  6. How do you scare a prospective home buyer? They don't own the home yet.

    If anything it's making them think about waiting until the situation gets even more desperate for sellers, and ergo good for the buyers.
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    The word Recession scares buyers, ....Buyers are afraid of "Job loss" because of a recession. The MEDIA is doing this. GDP and jobs are doing great nothing indicates this.. The MEDIA portrays doom and gloom.. We should handle media like CHINA does
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    Lets see what the HPQ conference call is about. HPQ I'm sure will tell the same story as csco
  9. Very nice action in the futures and it is only 7:30PM

    S&P 500 1,440.80 3.30 0.23
    NASDAQ 2,036.50 8.50 0.42


    Time for investment bank bonuses. Reported everywhere. GS hands out the biggest bonuses because the people who work there are very smart and deserve it. The huge bonuses indicate the strength of the US economy, investment banking, the stock market, and the American Dream. Good job.
  10. I was just waiting today to see the headline : "Citi retaliates ; downgrades Goldman"

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