Dow 12,000 by March Says Trader Lichtenstein

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    Can we all laugh now or should we wait until March to prove this prediction way wrong. This is just too damn funny, I think 6000-7000 before 11,000 or even 10,000 in that matter.

    Dow 12,000 by March Says Trader Lichtenstein
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    By: Cadie Thompson, Special to | 16 Jan 2009 | 10:48 AM ET
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    The Dow could reach 12,000 by March as �gloom and doom� creeps out of the market, Ben Lichtenstein, President of, said on "Squawk Box."

    �The fundamentals aren�t necessarily stacking up, but again I�m still really looking at 12,000.� Lichtenstein said. �I don�t know if we�re going to hold these levels, I don�t think we�re going to see all times highs necessarily, again the fundamentals are still very negative, but if we can start to turn this around a little bit, the stock market is going to roar right through some of those levels. Again, 9,500 is a major speed bump right now, get above that 12,000 is eminent.�

    Although there is a bit of sideways trading currently going on in the market, 10,000 in the Dow is not far off, Lichtenstein said.

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    �I just feel like a lot of gloom and doom is out of the market right now,� he said. �When everybody is holding onto the 8,000 and below, you defiantly have to take the other side.�
  2. he is right. the Dow will see 12,00 soon. This is a very mild recession when you look at the econ numbers objectivley.
  3. Robert Zuccaro, the author of "Dow 30,000 by 2008! WHY IT'S DIFFERENT THIS TIME" is executive VP/chief accounting officer of National Financial Partners (NFP). National Financial Partners has seen their stock values decline 95% from its $55.64 high in 2007.

    I'm sure Mr. Zuccaro is feeling optimistic, since NFP is up an astounding 352% from its 11/24 lows of $.81 to $2.85. "It's all uphill from here, baby!"
  4. If only you had any idea what you are talking about!!!!

    Do you get paid to respond on these threads:confused:
  5. Is that Big Ben talking the buddy of Alex from puretick, oh man if there is ever a contrarian indicator this is it!! Lets halve his target to dow 6000
  6. Bahahaha...I was thinking that you are this Liechtenshtein character...
  7. DJ Def Ben is probably close, calling for 12K. I'd give it till end of Q2 though.

    The stimulus package, with it's yet untold riches, will make it part-way to mainstreet. The market will rise right along with consumer confidence. Then, part deux. States and municipalities, interest rate swaps, hyperinflation, foreign investment, housing. The realization the pothole on Elm Street isn't a pothole at all; It's a sinkhole! But right now, American Idol wins the ratings, some pilots really do know how to fly planes, tanks are retreating, and trumpets are trumpeting. The upcoming stock rally will be sizable and playable. Just make sure you are not the one holding the bag at Dow 4500.

    Once unthinkable, now unstoppable