Dow 11-Year Low? No, at least not yet...

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by MKTrader, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Why all these headlines of a Dow 11-year low? The Dow dropped to 7,181.47 intraday in October 2002. Are the financial headline writers at Yahoo, etc., that incompetent...or desperate for readers?
  2. Maybe they know something you don't.
  3. At the time I write this

    Today's current low = 2009 low > 2002 low

    Despite widespread innumeracy, that still holds.

  4. The close is what counts.
  5. m22au


    Journalists tend to focus on closing highs / lows rather than intraday figures.

    My data says the 9 October 2002 closing low was 7286.27.

    So one the Dow broke this level, they claimed it was at a 11 year low, even though the intraday low of 10 October 2002 was not breached.
  6. Right, which is very misleading--an apples vs. oranges thing. And they never admit they're wrong.