dow < 10k??

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dow < 10k??

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  1. yes

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  2. no

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  1. i'm thinking after 300 down we are bound to have at least a 200 up day fri. 5/21

    thoughts, analysis, opinions...
  2. 1) 5-0. The bears have "it". :(
    2) Big up-days can follow big down-days, not the other way around. We'll see. :eek: :cool:
  3. The pump monkeys at the Fed won't allow it to happen.
  4. lol.
    pump monkeys??

    i don't think we're going to have a 300 up day, but a big day is definitely coming.

    i'm reasearching long leveraged ETFs right now
  5. Great band.

    I vote we break it but close above it tomorrow. No real rational, other than I don't see a straight down day on op-ex.
  6. The most potent/lethal leveraged long ETFs are FAS, EDC, & TNA (not necessarily in that order).
  7. @petsamo

    thanx a bunch. now i just hope i can afford these in light of the new restrictions:mad:
  8. well with the VIX at these levels its just a matter of playing volatility until the market can calm itself down. "Volatility is a traders friend"
  9. yes sir!

    volatility equals (insert positive word here that rhymes with volatility):D
  10. i was back and forth all day with qid for shorts and fas for longs.
    i did waaaay too many trades but i was up 4% of my cash value:D but only 1% of my margin value because of the darn margin requirements on those etf:mad:

    oh well. next week we should have some big gains too:cool:
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