Dow < 1000?

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Will the DOW see < 1000 soon?

  1. Yes. The world is in deep trouble

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  2. No. Precter has been predicting the end of the world for years. When the sun nova, he will finally b

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  3. I don't know

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  4. I don't care. I bought a gun and lots of canned soup.

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  1. nitro


  2. DDK89429


    The government's plunge protection team will never allow it.
  3. jasonc


    almost zero chance of that happening on a fundamental basis and probably zero based on government intervention that would stop that.
  4. The PPT is AWOL.
  5. This sounds suspiciously close to simply taking the Nikkei top-to-bottom and applying it to a 14k Dow and adding 20 years of low inflation.

    And IMO it's always useful to consider what has happened to Japan -- a 80% drop in market value does not necessarily lead to the end of the world.
  6. corps do have 2 trillion sitting in banks,,doesnt sound like the end of the world to me
  7. You might want to comsider that the Nikkei has not yet ended its multi-decade bear market. The Nikkei could go down to the 4000 or 2000 levels of the 1970's.
  8. edit fail! haha sorry man had to do it.

    Its thoughts like the ones on this thread that make me really uncertain when to get long again.

    Im gonna liquidate some puts in the 950-850 range, then maybe sell puts with strikes I like and put the procedes into PMs. When it feels like a firesale I may start getting in .
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