"Dow 1000"

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by cgtrader, Apr 7, 2009.

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  2. I met this guy at an Austrian Economics event.

    Is this the lowest estimate you have heard from anyone?
  3. Meredith Whitney must think everyone in Canada is absolutely cracked out, what pathetic reasoning for his prediction.

    These kinds of no-names always make incredibly ridiculous calls in hopes that if by some absolutely miracle they win the lottery and are correct, they can start a firm, write a book, host a TV show because of one insane call.
  4. You mean like someone saying Bear Sterns would be taken over for $2 (later $10) or Lehman Bros (a 158 year old firm that survived the Great Depression) would be bankrupt, or AIG, FNM and FRE would be taken over by the govt. That C would trade for under a buck a share?
  5. Damn I missed that BNN show today.
  6. NYC212


    of course he wants dow 1000. he is in gold and hope the falling market will raise the price of gold.

    canada is a commodity heavy nation
  7. Guys, I have NO IDEA what the DOW will be in 2-3 years. What I do know is that 1 ounce of gold will be equal to DOW. It might be 50000=50000 or 1000=1000 it doesn't matter
  8. ZeightS


    You can see almost all of their shows on bnn.ca

  9. Where did this guy make such predictions?
  10. If you weren't referring to this individual then that's fine, but saying that people made "ridiculous" predictions for Bear and Lehman etc and it came true reiterates my point that at times people become legends when ridiculous propositions come true.

    Absolutely ridiculous predictions are made all the time, yet the only ones that are talked about are predictions that come to fruition, and these analysts become gurus. When the predictions are wrong, they are not held accountable, so they can throw as many darts as they want.
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