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    Will the market make a new high before year end ? Will the current bull trend extend into 2007 ? Is the 4 year up-trend over and the top already established ?

    We will discover these answers in the days and weeks ahead...

    I would like to share the following weekly chart of the Dow-30 Index for your thoughtful consideration.

    Based on this chart and the premise of a wolfe-wave pattern, it is my contention that if the upper trend channel line is broken, that is, if the Dow 12,000 level is broken below, a vertical free-fall down through the lower channel line becomes a distinct possibility.
  2. arkadyka


    what is a wolf wave?

    that aside, the current chart pattern is actually quite bad. it can't and should not be above the upper channel...that breakout is bearish.
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    The Wolfe-Wave pattern is a trend reversal pattern most commonly found in the more basic rising or falling wedge pattern.

    In an uptrend, you look for a sequence of 3 higher swing highs, also the second swing low (point 4) needs to drop below the Point 1 High. This forms the down trendline connecting points 1 and 4, which is also the downside target of the overall pattern at completion.

    In this specific instance, the dow has formed a channel instead of a rising wedge, but the 3 higher highs and the point 1 / point 4 relationships were satisfied.

    The area above the upper channel line at point 5 is referred to as the "sweet spot" for optimal long exit & new short entry.

    The pattern will rapidly clarify (become clearly established) when the dow breaks down below the upper channel line.
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    Interestingly, if you look at the leftmost side of the chart, there was a perfect wolfe-wave reversal low that formed during 2004 (between Feb '04 and Feb '05.)

    3 lower lows, the point 5 reversal (Oct '04), and the pattern completion high came in exactly at the 1-4 up trendline extension (Dec '05).

    Also notice the MACD Histogram divergence on the 3 lower lows, a classic signature in this pattern.
  5. romik


    I was under the impression that a bearish WW needs a decline followed by upside (bear flag). On the weekly DOW chart there is only upside making WW not applicable. I don't think that is a WW.
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    nasdaq up .81 dow up 1.92...

    this was one volatile trading session.
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    romik - I am not understanding where in the 5 wave pattern the bear flag is supposed to form ? In my study of the Wolfe-Wave pattern, I have not encountered any mention of a flag forming or required within the pattern.

    The basic idea is 3 pushes up, point 5 at or above the upper channel line, and the relationship between points 1 and 4.

    The final wave 5 push up through the upper channel line is the bull trap. The subsequent break down through the channel line triggers a polar opposite shift in sentiment leading to panic selling.
  8. Wolfe waves and elliott waves go hand-in-hand. If you believe in one you will probably believe in the other. For every wolfe wave you find that works I can find 10 that don't.
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    market trapped by the big boys until expiry. european markets made new highs today.........coiled spring on Friday to the upside, Monday at the latest. Year End Target zones:

    ES: 1442 min - 1461 max
    ER2: 825 min - 837 max

    probably be achieved on Dec 29th - bonus targets achieved!
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    I have looked into a WW pattern and basically it does work, but for that you do need either a bull flag or a bear flag, for it to work it has to be perfect.
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