Dow 10,000 (or even 9,000), the next bubble to bust?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by crgarcia, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. With extremely weak fundamentals: dismal earnings (only based on cost reductions), unemployment sky-high and no end in sight.

    Stocks are overvalued again.

    The next bubble to bust?
  2. Remember when all the major financial instututions around the world were selling at penny stock levels?

    That was a great time to buy.

    I would imagine the same kind of extremes but on the upside to be a nice sign to start selling.

    Myself most of the stocks I own are goldstocks who have done reasonably well yet underperformed the broader market this rally.

    So the question is will they hold as markets crash this time when gold will play it's safe haven part once more or will the stocks at least crash and burn allong with the rest.

    I wish I knew.:)
  3. piezoe


    Your perspective must of necessity be dependent on your time horizon. Intraday traders will see things differently than position traders, and especially differently than investors. Remember that in the short run the market doesn't give a damn about reality. In the long run it can't avoid it.