Doug Kass wtf?

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  1. how many times can you go all in short? claims all in short on 03/08/2010 and today doubling down. i like doug but WTF.

    DougKass: favorite long twm.. favorite short iwm DOUBLEING DOWN $$ today
    DougKass: Still in Net Short Mode: During the day, I have hedged out more of my longs, and I have added to my index shorts. From RealMoneySilver
    DougKass: Favorite Short IWM - S&P appears to be making a triple bottom relative to Russell - like 2006 and late 2008 - both times indices whacked $$
    DougKass: I am adding to my RUssell short calls now $$
    DougKass: market advance appears to be maturing... shorting jun iwm $63 calls now above $6.70 $$
    DougKass: Favorite Long and Short: Double your pleasure, double your fun?~Favorite long: UltraShort Russell 2000 ProShares (... From RealMoneySilver
    Doug Kass
    Bearish on Russell
    3/19/2010 9:50 AM EDT

    I am all-in short the iShares Russell 2000 Index (IWM) and long the UltraShort Russell 2000 ProShares (TWM).
    DougKass: buying twm now (inverse russell)
    DougKass: I pressed all my shorts today into the ramp.... as grandma koufax woulds say... "Dougie, meshuganah is trump. (Craziness is three fold) $$
    DougKass: all in short now $$ 03/08/2010

    DougKass: Russell Index is getting rusty - first day of weaknesss since my Bar Mitzvah! Might portend broader market weakness Increasing shorts $$