Doug Kass - Seabreeze partners

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  1. Anyone know the guy?, not seen him on cnbc but know him..
    i know he used to clear some of his trades trough PTJP

    is he affiliated with Seth Tobias' Circle T partners?
  2. Doug has been around forever. He can be read on cramers site although him and cramer dont agree on much.
    Not connected with Seth as far as i know.
  3. Doug's a good guy - I used to talk to him via AOL messenger years back. He always was quick to answer a question or lend some help. Don't know if he is associated with Seth Tobias, though...
  4. Don't follow his calls....he's about as reliable as cramer when it comes to picking stocks.
  5. :) he is taking some pain on his homebuilder shorts, but overall his doing ok, u gotta give time for his calls to develop
  6. Hey I use to trade for Doug Kass he was my client when I ran the equity desk....he is a funny guy if you ever meet him ask him to sing you his rendition of the day the music died entitled the day the nasdaq died...hillarious..another time he was in FL at his house I was trading AOL for him. they were putting a pool in his back yard and struck a gas line. That boy was calling for reports as he was sprinitng down the block to avid blowing up....
  7. Read Doug everyday on Street Insight. Love to read his stuff, sharp guy. Have to remind myself though lately after reading Doug daily that the world won't end tomorrow.
  8. i think he's a sharp and a good guy. very intelligent on the big picture

    and i dont think he's anybody's shill

    he was however, waaay too early on the housing bubble

    and too early is the same as wrong
  9. I use to work with him when he was known as ..." The Bear of Boca"....every 10 years or so he's right:D

  10. I believe DK's son may have worked with Seth T. at one point.
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