Doug Kass says might be time to buy

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Free Thinker, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. I can already see the headline.. "bargain hunting" :cool:
  2. buyers are trying to make a stand here.
  3. I was very impressed with his bottom call in March which was almost exact to the very day. But then he turned bearish in the summer of 2009 which was obviously way too early.
  4. wickcity


    Good old Dougie. And how many bottoms did he call incorrectly prior to the March bottom?

  5. Madeoff


    Sounds like his unloading his position ( DO IT!!!)
  6. Nice call.
  7. Daal


    Thats funny given that the market is still above the levels he was already short and bearish
  8. None that I am aware of. But who knows?
  9. "Levels" are irrelevant. As conditions change, so do expectations. It is perfectly logical for someone to be a bull @ DOW 12,000 as it was rising but then switch to bear @ DOW 12,000 as it was falling.
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