Doug Allen using Shill, what does that tell you?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by TraderZones, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. Now we can get an idea that Doug Allen is probably a phony. He cannot afford advertising or being a legit ET sponsor. He has been using the site to create hype and buzz to start his own website. NOW - shills on ET.

    NegativeTrend appears to be a shill for Doug Allen and is starting threads/putting out the message on all current Doug Allen threads:
  2. Joe


    Thanks, took him out.

  3. "Sushi" has now become a shill for Doug.
  4. so was there ever official confirmation that traders were funded or not?
  5. Sushi


    What do you want? Moses to come down from the mountain making it official. Get real. No need for the humble no name elites who are funded and in intense training to report here. You guys are solo negative no wonder you didn't get funded. Jah will provide
  6. Sushi


    Wrong. I was the biggest antidoug rasta on this site. Still think it's a bad deal. But he has DNS everything he said and has the capital to back it up. No name humble elites funded. No big mouth elite gurus. Jah