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    I'm starting this thread here instead of another forum I think this is the most read forum on ET.

    I'm watching Cramit on Douchebag right now and I am just floored. The two of them are acting like they are so sympathetic to the people that Cramer has wiped out. Cramer needs to be taken off the air because he is wiping out mom and pop investor. Let's face it, the people that watch his show have very little knowledge on the markets and they count on somebody like Cramer to guide them. The problem is, he has been hired by NBC as an entertainer to draw in the biggest ratings he can.

    Cramer needs to be taken off the air. There are alot of people out there, including your and my parents, that are overly trustworthy and think that all the so called do gooders are out for their best interest. Enough is enough.

    If you truly care, especially about your family and friends, contact GE at the following link and let's get this clown off the air. Make sure you send the GE link to your friends.
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    What is "Cramit on Douchebag"?

    And why do you keep watching it if it bothers you so much?
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    And here we go.
  4. Jim Cramer's "Mad Money"
    Buy Recommendations

    01/01/08 to 10/13/08
    TOTAL: 181* WINNERS: 33 LOSERS: 145 UNCH: 3
    Total Portfolio Performance: ** -23.05%
    I don't see a problem here.
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    Was that an answer to my question?
  6. LOL!

    So true.
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    Back in 1988 before I had ever opened a brokerage account, or before I even knew there was a stock market, I picked up a copy of the USA Today. The USA Today was kind of new and hip back then. They had the audacity to have color photos and graphics.

    I was a young sailor in the navy without two nickels to rub together so I turned to the Money section of the USA Today and lo and behold there was stock reccomendations. They listed a few stocks that they thought would do well in the coming year. I showed it to a friend of mine and he told me how I could go to a Charles Schwab office and open an account to buy stocks. I did so, and the very first trade of my life was to buy 100 shares of Adac Labs at 4 5/8. I sold it a couple of years later for about half that price adjusted for reverse splits.

    I was neither a trader, speculator nor investor. I was a gambler looking for a quick buck with no effort on my part.

    And the people who buy stocks based on the reccomendations of a personality on the talking picture box are gamblers as well. Doesn't matter if it's your sweet old mom or dear old dad. They wanted something for nothing, and ended up with nothing. Just like most gamblers do. And that's the way it should be.
  8. Wow. The OP is one of the weakest posts I have seen recently. CONR, are you a socialist?

    And do you really believe that what Cramer is doing is making stock recommendations?
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    I don't watch him anymore. My point is, he is hurting many people and apparently you don't think it is a big deal.
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    No I'm not a socialist. As far as your second question, it doesnt make any sense.
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