Doubts About Inflation??

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  1. sshhh.. there is no inflation..its amazing the crime perpertrated in government statistics.

    when inflation globally is getting out of control, the government stats come out and show there is no inflation. Its not in the best interest of governments to reveal this information, the cost of borrowing for bannana republics goes sky high.
  2. 4. Oh, You Mean Food Inflation

    Inflation remains well contained as long as you aren't eating. According to the latest American Farm Bureau Federation Marketbasket Survey, food inflation is up about 4% in the second quarter, and nearly 8% year-over-year.

    The "informal survey" by the American Farm Bureau Federation showed the total cost of the 16 basic grocery items tracked was up about 4% from the first quarter of 2007.
    The overall cost for the marketbasket items showed an increase of about 8% year-over-year.
    Regular whole milk showed the largest quarter-to-quarter price increase.
    Only Russet potatoes dropped for the quarter.
    Bacon was unchanged.
    AFBF Economist Jim Sartwelle said, “As energy costs have increased, it has become more expensive to process, package, and transport food items for retail sale."
    Fortunately, the Fed strips food and energy out of their inflation measures - the net result being low inflation, except in things that are going up in price.
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    truly amazing the things they can get away with !!!
  4. Who cares about the cost of food and gas...?
    Have you seen how much a gig of memory costs?

    What a joke...inflation stats are a bunch of horseshit..if they were even remotely true, bonds would not have a 1-handle...
  5. When you question the inflation rate; then why is the bond yield so low and hasn't reflect the true inflation rate; so who is buying for lost? Clearly; they aren't all these labor funds or foreigners.
  6. there was reasoning a few months back that petro dollars or immense wealth accumulation by multinational oil servicing companies was being funneled into US govt debt.