doubledown (traders monthly) done.

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    Doubledown Media, the once-rising publisher of magazines aimed at the Wall Street elite, has shut down.

    “These are unprecedented times,” president Randall Lane wrote in an e-mail to staffers late Monday night. “The combination of the media depression, the Wall Street implosion and the credit slowdown were collectively too much for our company—probably any company in our shoes—to overcome.”

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  2. I'll miss the Top x Under X and some editor pieces.
  3. was a garbage/poser magazine, good riddance :)
  4. im amazed it lasted as long as it did.

    i know a lot of traders - and none of them have 400 000 cars and supermodel girlfriends. this seemed to be the demographic of the mag...
  5. I was trash imo....they should have called it "EGO TRADER" :D
  6. That magazine was just one of many consumer related products that helped bring to light the peak of excess and wasteful living.

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    i told my wife about this, and gave her a brief overview: "best places in the world to live, best cigars and wines, overpriced jets and luxurious vacation places and where to get that third mansion, along with periodic low level trading stuff."

    her response was along the lines of "was it for people who think all traders live that way and want to dream about it for themselves?"

    yup, pretty spot on.
  8. No loss.
  9. rag paid homage to the very kind of lowlife that got us in this pickle
  10. Hate to be the one to say it, but Tim Sykes did really get the last laugh eh...
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