Doubled my money on Freddie today 100% up room to go

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Port1385, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. Wow! Wild ride. Got some in the 4s, dumped in the 8s. I follow the story closely and knew this was just fear&panic. I got some long term shares in Fannie, but Freddie is where the real daytrading $$$ lie. 100% up day for me!!!
  2. Raise the BS flag on this thread


    Good attempt at trying to cover your ass.
  3. No BS my friend. I sit here in front of the computer each day like you, but we see different things. If you follow the Freddie/Fannie saga then you know that they are down because of rumors and speculation caused by analysts. If you read those analyst reports, then you understand that they were constructed to inflict panic.

    The reason why both of them fell so sharply was because of a rumor the government was meeting over the weekend to consider a conservatorship. However, Paulson came out and nixed that idea.

    The funds are playing Fannie and Freddie right now. Its nothing more then play. How much you want to bet that one analyst was shorting the stock when he came out with that report? Fannie is worth 20 dollars right now, but panic is gripping the market about analyst reports.

    One day you have to look at the larger picture and then you'll understand that this was all fear....
  4. Blotter please.
  5. So FNM is worth 20.00......good to give us a breakdown as to how you arrive at that have a whole weekend to work on it.
  6. Wow, a perfect bottom & top picker. ET is very honored to have your presence and announcements, since it is quite devoid of the perfect trade calls after the fact.
  7. Sad.....Walter Mitty...your own statement gives you away...

    Go to a mirror and ask yourself.."Why am I doing this?"

    Have a good weekend.
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    i actually lol'ed when i saw that
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