double your $$$ here?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by chifai2, Dec 16, 2007.

  1. chifai2


    Hi Traders:

    My friend told me he has opened an account at a broker called Striker and has been autotrading a system called CA system. He said it has made him alot of money since system has high % wins. He told me about it but I am wondering if there are traders out there who are actually paying less than the $20 fee there and how many contracts you have to trade to get the lesser commission...if such thing exist there?

    Also, anybody doing good somewhere else with autotrading systems at brokers?

  2. striker systems are not particularly impressive. They will always promote their "top-selling" systems, but few seem to have longterm traction

    But my question is, is this "CA system" happen to be yours, and you arwe trying to get more customers? I always wonder about posts that start "my friend told me..."
  3. It looks like there are several CA systems, which one were you looking at?
    Maybe you could have your buddy tell us a little about the system he uses, the website isn't very helpful.