Double Strategy

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  1. of course i measure meself on how much i make, who doesn't. that's what it boils down to in this business. i am not anywhere near exploitin' how much the mkt has to offer in those particular time frames i specialize in. hopefully will be able to do so, given i know exactly what it needs to be done. prob is there's a difference between realizin' what it takes and act upon it: it takes conviction, confidence and determination...all attributes that come with time and experience and frankly bein' aware of my own limits i know i am not ready for it yet.
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  2. When you get good at trading, I don't think that strategies are the end all. There are many ways to arrive at any given destination.
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  3. havin' the strategy[ies] all figured out is just the beginnin' af a long long walk.
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  4. What if you think your really good and don't have the P/L to back it up?
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