Double Standard or do the Mods need some training?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Lucrum, May 29, 2009.

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  2. I've done that a lot and have never been threaten to be banned.

    It's not in the TOU policy nor have I ever seen a moderator tell someone not to post a ignore link for someone specific that's being rude.

    Disclaimer - I don't read every message at ET.

    For what it's got to look at ET like little communities.

    Each section has a list of mods.

    The way one mod moderates his section is often different in comparison to how a mod is moderating another section.

    For example, a mod in the Trading section may threaten to BAN you for using profanity towards another member.

    In contrast, a mod in the Technical Analysis section may be using profanity himself.

    I think that's why many members get confused about ET...they don't understand that mods can't police other mods sections and that they moderate differently when compared to each other...

    That's the way Baron wants it and likes it...he said it himself many times over the years.

  3. Lucrum


    I understand the differences in moderator styles. But it wasn't just any ole mod that told me "do it again and you're banned" it was an administrator.
  4. I'm not sure why you were threatened with being banned over linking to the ignore list. *shrug*.
  5. Joe


    Yes, this is not allowed, I sent him a PM. It is allowed if you mention what the link directs you to. Such as, click the link below to ignore "Amagod".
  6. Others have done this also. Isn't there a way to prevent links from auto-ignoring a user?
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    With your suggestion I put a stop to the ability of people to do so. Try clicking at the link at the very top for an example of what would happen.
  8. Oh come on, it's kinda funny.
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    neither is lucrum any "ole" poster.

    we should thank lucrum for his generosity in sharing his insights on ET. at the rate of 7+ messages/day (200 messages for the month) in the month of May he is numero uno..