Double standard from the left....

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  1. Now that that drunk ass Kennedy comes out and admits he's addicted to pain killers... everyone on the left is already making sympathetic comments... yet those same people were calling for Rush's head.

    And since when is a Kennedy driving drunk news???? Cops didt even give him a breathalyzer....geeez..... they're so used to it.
  2. Hmmm... I guess I have to compare him with Dumbya instead of with Rush... right?
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    Unfortunately the media treats any Kennedy alcohol/drug/rape story with the same zest that they treat blacks engaging in a hate crime against whites. Both stories fail to pass the man bites dog test that defines news. A Kennedy driving drunk? Hell, he'd have to be cruising along with an intern, crash, allow her to drown and then wait ten hours to report the accident for it to be news. A Kennedy driving drunk occurs with the same frequency as someone crossing the Rio Grande......
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    Unlike Senator Chapaqudick, Bush never killed anyone while driving.
  5. You are right, he did not. His wife had already done it for him earlier.

    So, it is okay if you drive drunk but don't kill anyone? The point is that it is illegal to drive while you are drunk, and anyone who does it is a criminal, in my view... democrat, repugnican, liberterian, martian or any whatever.
  6. Well, maybe he is one of these Ambien Drivers but something sure feels missing in this story.

    2:30 in the morning and he's out?

    Has to be a woman.
  7. Not because Rush's addicted to drugs but because he is a hypocrite. Rush is a stinking anti-drug crusader, not Kennedy, Rush is not doing what he's preaching, not Kennedy. See the difference now or need more explaining?
  8. Kennedy is a public servant he gets paid by tax dollars, Rush is not. Kennedy is a repeat offender, Rush is not. Kennedy gets a break by the cops.......... should i keep going??
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    Oh please. Don't expect any sort of consistency from the libs. Clinton lies under oath about taking advantage of an intern while he's married, all to avoid any judgement from another sexual harassment suit. And the NOW gang? Free pass.

    They've never been about anything other than raw power. All these socialists want is to order you around. "It's for your own good", they'll claim. Not that the leaders should be forced to live under the same rules as the peons, they are the enlightened ones.

    And Rush came out stating he hopes the Kennedy gets the treatment he needs. Far from a hypocrite, he's standing strong. Will the media come down on Kennedy in any manner like they did Rush? Bet not. But nobody expects anything but hypocrisy from the left, that's not even news any more. It's not even covered all that much on right wing radio, everybody expects the left to do whatever is required to gain power, much like everyone now expects the right to expand government.
  10. I was trying to explain to you why the left wanted Rush's head. The left by and large is quite tolerant to drug abuse, don't see it as an offense and don't believe people should be prosecuted and go to jail for it. The left is quite consistent in this respect regarding both Limbaugh and Kennedy. The left wanted Limbaugh's head not because he is a drug addict but because he is a "do as I say not as I do" stinking hypocrite.

    Your response is a non-sequitur, you're trying to prove a "double standard from the left" based on your perception that Kennedy commited a more severe offense than Rush when the left does not really consider either of them as serious violations to begin with and the left's gripe with Rush is based not on drug abuse but on hypocricy. Then again I knew you would not understand.
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