Double standard for Vick

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  1. Hey, if Vick is guilty I hope he gets jail time and some water boarding thrown in so he gets an approximation of what he and his homeys put some dogs through.

    But he hasn't been convicted yet. Still, the outroar is such that people are saying he should be suspended for the entire season - before he's even had a trial!! Others want him kicked out of the NFL all ready, and you can bet the PETA supporters want their several pounds of flesh as well.

    So Kobe can be accused of rape but is he suspended for the entire season? Of course not. Instead, he gets to fly back and forth between his trial and games.

    Ray Lewis, indicted on MURDER charges, didn't miss any football games as far as I'm aware of.

    So here's a guy who may have fought and then killed dogs who is being excoriated worse than an accused rapist and an accused murderer.

    What gives?
  2. The NFL isn't the NBA, and they have made a calculated decision to make sure they don't go that route. Ray Lewis was lucky his situation came up in a more permissive era.

    Vick's situation is also more clear-cut than Lewis' was. He owned the property and multiple witnesses put him at dog fights, etc. The league is not bound by the same rules the government is. They can suspend him for detrimental conduct whether he is convicted or not. I predict Vick has also played his last game for Atlanta.
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    Who cares man. What's the big fucking deal. These dogs would be put to death anyway. Don't you people watch The Price Is Right? Bob Barker tells us we have a pet population problem at the end of every show.

    I love watching Michael Vick play football. He is the most exciting player in any sport after MJ. I would hate to see him suspended for the entire season. I live in ny and wish they televised all of the falcons games.
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    The NFL was the only thing keeping him out of jail and now it looks like the NFL may have financed his trip to jail. It is weird - and refreshing - to see them finally doing something about one of their criminals. I think NBA ratings have dropped dramatically over the past few years and NFL ratings are down some as well. There is a significant element of the population that has less enthusiasm for watching a sport laced with criminals who are permitted to do as they please in our society.
  5. You see no difference between a quick and painless death at an animal shelter, vs. a gruesome, bloody and torturous death that comes after months of abuse?

    Not much of an animal lover, are you?
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    Last week a NY cabbie asked me what I thought they should do with Vick. Fortunately before I could answer he went into a short rant about animal cruelty. Otherwise I wouldn't have even known who he was talking about. Any way I told him I wasn't much of a sports fan so, if convicted, they could take him out and shoot'em for all I care.

    I will say few things.

    Unless they have him dead to rights, on video for example, where his conviction will be nothing but a formality. I think he should be allowed to play until convicted. If for no other reason than ye olde "innocent until proven guilty" thingy.

    It never ceases to amaze me how some sports fans are willing to overlook literally any crime committed by their favorite sports star. Take O.J. for example. His fans some of whom probably took time off from work, they could ill afford, to stand in the street and cheer for him - on his way to a MURDER trial. And he wasn't even a player any more.

    These "entertainers" might not be so inclined to get into trouble if they didn't have so much time and money on their hands. Even though I'm all for free markets, I think some of these guy's compensation packages are absurd. I mean at the end of the day they produce no goods or services whatsoever - except entertainment. If these guys were working a second job during the off season to make ends meet they might not have time for dog fights and such.
  7. As traders, neither do we.
  8. Me too, put him in uniform and make him run around a field full of pit bulls and see what his average yards per carry is... since he thinks he's a running back anyway.
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    LOL at those claiming animal cruelty. Most of you don't give a shit about innocent civilians dying in a war. Fucking hypocrites. Get real. You just want to see him behind bars because he's black.

    I have 3 dogs and looking to get a golden retriever next week.

    Edit: check the book thread, I even posted about buying Cesar Milan's book.
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