double standard bs, my thrd critical of blacks is deltd, but jew-bashing posts r fine

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  1. i started a thread that was categorically critical of black americans...which was DELETED... undoubtedly because of it's content...yet there are NUMEROUS jew bashing posts which are blatantly racist which the mods do absolutely NOTHING kind of double standard bullshit is that ??? when someone wants to bash blacks, thats obviously racist, inappropriate, and apparently censorable...but when ppl continally make categorical racist slurs about jews...thats completely tolerable.... why the fuck is that??? if you intend to be uncensored and let ppl say what they will, then fine, but this selective censoring whereby its okay to be critical of jews, but forbidden to be critical of blacks in a completely civil way is utter bullshit guys... do better...
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    We can't read every post in every thread. So to keep control over the content, we respond to complaints from members about specific posts or threads that clearly violate our member rules of conduct. I had multiple complaints in my email about that black thread when I got up this morning.

    For whatever reason, people don't complain as much about the Jewish posts or threads.
  3. i see, so the aleged number of complaints denotes the the admin response...gotcha...
  4. I think I remember that post. As I recall, I think you were saying that black people were 'stupid' and 'ignorant'. I also recall that you spelled the word exception as 'exeption' and spelled the word intelligence as 'intellagance'.

    That second one was pretty funny, all right. The humour of it is probably lost on you, considering that you seem to be just this side of mentally retarded.

    ( I see that in the post above this one, you attempt, and fail, to spell the word 'alleged').

    Why don't you crawl back into whatever hole you live in?

    I suggest you exchange PMs with a member called Pa(b)st Prime. The two of you will get along just fine.
  5. i'll tell you what the reason is, the blacks are alot more active whinners
  6. baron cld we have a "boring" button plse?
  7. yeah you would have pushed it along time ago if you had it, god knows that you are bored when u are trolling thru the feedback forum regarding a topic u have nothing to do with... and then decide to try to be a smartass about it, wtf did don lapree just go off did your fav infomercials all end??
  8. still boring...
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    LOL :D
  10. at least u've amused baron but he's a pretty easy target :D
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