double standard - bodies of saddam's sons

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  1. remember when some iraqis killed a bunch of our soldiers? i'm talking about the same event that jessica lynch got caught up in. remember al-jazeera showed a video of our dead soldiers? well remember how bad you felt? remember how it was against conventions, etc. to show that? there was also an iraqi in the video, walking around our dead soldiers that seemed happy. i remember i felt pissed when i saw that.

    but if you're going to think that way, at least be consistent. america wants photos of saddam's dead sons on tv and around the world and they probably will be. americans will enjoy the photos of the dead bodies, just like the happy iraqi did in the video of our dead soldiers.

    i am an american and i am for what our country is doing, however, don't say one thing and do another. what i do is realize that there are two sides here. it's just a fundamental difference on which side you support. however, the other side feels the same way about us as we feel about them.

    to further make my point, on the news they make it seem INSANE to want to be a suicide bomber. they make it seem just INCREDIBLE that someone would do that. they show the mothers of the bombers and we can't believe they are proud. well what do we do in our country? you're a hero if you die for your country. american mothers are proud of their children if they fight/die in a war. now you may not like the way a suicide bomber attacks, but that's the only way they can attack. they don't have stealth bombers to fly over and bomb us.

    as i said before, i'm an american and i am not at all taking saddam's side. i'm just saying that i see double standards all over the place.
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    A suicide bomber is a COWARD, yes A freaken COWARD...American soldiers dont strap themselves with bombs and walk into a restaurant where innocent families with children are eating minding their own business...That comparison is way off...No mother should be proud of their sons doing what a suicide bomber does; also remember what you see on TV ( the mothers with a happy smile ) may not always be what is real...
  3. i agree...
  4. dude, first of all, just so there is no confusion, I AM PRO-AMERICAN. suicide bombers piss me off, too. i'm just stating how things really are, though.

    if you are in palestine and you don't like america, that is the only way you can fight your cause. as i said, they don't have aircraft carriers to send over to our shores, fly planes off 'em and bomb us. as an american, we view them as cowards, but it's the only way they can fight for what they believe. if you want to disagree with their beliefs, that's fine; i do, too.

    I AM GOING TO MAKE A FANTASTIC POINT. i have used this example in religion debates, but it is also appropriate here.

    i don't know if you're religious or not, but let's just say you're a christian. do you think you'd be a christian if you had been born in palestine, rather than in the USA (if you were)? MAYBE, but i highly doubt it. most people inherit the beliefs/traditions of their family.

    so now i will take another step. if you were born in palestine, do you think you'd still be pro-american? i kind of doubt it. if you were born in palestine, you may very will be the suicide bomber coward you despise.

    as i said in my first post, I AM NOT AT ALL supporting anti-americans. i'm just saying, recognize there is a fundamental disagreement and realize they feel the same way about us as we feel about them. all you can do is be independent and pick which side is you think is more right. then, try not to have double standards.
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    I understand your point....But the difference is in cheering a coward or cheering a real hero.....
  6. Calling these people cowards is simply part of the process of denial of the Palestinian political goals and their methods of achieving them.

    Cowards protect themselves, they hide away from harms way; they don't strap bombs on themselves and blow themselves to bits. These people are not cowards in a personal sense. And their mothers are proud of them, no matter how alien that may seem to you. It's a little silly to place Western values and ideals on a non Western culture.

    The Palestinian suicide bomber is a soldier. The suicide bomb is an incredibly effective tactical weapon. Whether it proves to be an important strategic action remains to be seen. We will see how the peace process plays out.
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    A person who walks into a restaurant and kills innocent kids may be an effective tactical weapon, but nontheless they are cowards. Putting an innocent life in front of you as a shield is herioc to you?? it is quite effective, but not herioc... I understand the need for them to do these things, but they are not herioc in my eyes, maybe in the eyes of bulla mullah abdulla who in return sends their family member a check, but as far as im concerened they are not heroes..... So a person who has a strong belief that the gorvernment of the USA is the devil is a hero if he walks up to a government building with 200 tons of explosives in a truck and blows innocent lives away.... Your hero was sent to his death, his name Timothy Mcveigh....peace
  8. From what I've read, the point of posting the photos is because people in Iraq were afraid that the sons were not really dead. So it seems different to me than the videos of the American soldiers.
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