Double short China ETF

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  1. Proshares Trust
    Ultrashort FTSE/Xinhua China


    Any thoughts on the possibilities of a CHINA BUBBLE?

    Pork prices up 55% yoy, 3 people died last week in a stampede for cooking oil!
  2. I'd only risk shorting once the China charts have clearly rolled over, made a series of lower highs and momentum turned clearly negative. Otherwise the risk/reward ratio is too high (for my taste).
  3. That etf will converge to zero like 1/e^x
  4. What are you, some kind of CHICKEN?

    FXP started trading only 5 days ago. It has already rallied AND dropped about 25%. Can't you just smell the opportunities?
  5. Nope, big volatility and large % moves don't positively correlate with good risk/reward setups for my discipline.
  6. Yeah, but just think about how FAST you could get rich by nailin' them swings. You a TRADER or just some kind of pussy?..:D
  7. Exactly right.

    Short China Stocks?
    Why do people continuously try and pick tops or bottoms?
    It is a sure fire way to lose money$$$.
  8. They do it for the same reason casinos are so popular.


    The sharper the climb the more intense the fall, last 2 months have been outrageous, just 2 months!

    Anyway, there is a bearish divergence on HSI daily chart, the way I calculate divergence based retracements we are looking at -25% as of todays value. definetly a lot of vola out there, obviously not for Ivan's balls.
  10. $3.00 spread right now

    Anyone follow this FXP and know the best time to get a tighter spread?

    My guess would be in the early morning trading...
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