double prints, matched buyer-seller?

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  1. I wanted to find out how other traders are interpreting these prints. I trade listed exclusively. Often times I will watch a sell off in a gaped stock to watch it wiggle and consolidate for a while, then make another leg down to what seems to wrap out some stops around the .25 increments, moreso around whole numbers. To then start printing with volume and matched prints, a guy from the office says they could be a go along buyer with the specialist, or with his order. And more often then not there will be a consolidation then reversal. Does anyone out there look for these and how do you interpret them? Thanks
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  3. I do look for that.....both double prints on the bid and on the interpretation has been that the specialists has either been left a matching order (that is, a customer says "I want to buy or sell as many shares as are going through" thereby somewhat guaranteeing a good average for that customer), or I usually think it is the specialist participating in the market under what I thought were his restrictions in participating in getting long on an uptick and short on a downtick....I have found the success rate on this tape reading to be very high in my experience.....hope this of luck.