Double my money (forex)

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  1. just opened 50,000 demo at fxcm,will double it in a month.standby,all systems ready
  2. anyone can double a demo account.. This should be exciting...
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    I will watch your trades. you will need to post the trades in real time after you make them.

    Btw, what is your system? Do you use tradestation?
  4. Get a credit card.

    Take cash advance.

    Double the money you took out and pay it back within a month.

    Then all the credit card companies realize that you roll big. Thus, they send in all kinds of offers to entice you to go with their credit card company.

    Most of them have 0% APR for a year with huge credit limits (some of them), open couple of accounts at all the other places.

    There, you just funded yourself a couple of accounts.
  5. I look forward to this....a part of me wants double to do it!
  6. Good luck.....but with FEAR and GREED missing your results wont be accurate.
  7. Just open 2 demo accounts, put them all in GBP right before next month's NFP in opposite directions. No sweat. :)
  8. But they both cancel each other out, minus 2x the buy/sell spread. Eventually you have to go long or short.

    With a long/short position like that you could set the Limits at double the Stops for a 2:1 reward/risk ratio.
  9. The retrace... grasshopper

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    I believe ill's comments were tongue in cheek
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