Double Moving Average line level setup!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by exce26, Dec 18, 2001.

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    What is the best accurate double MA line set up for 1 min chart?
    To use it as in & out signal....:)
  2. Don't even bother about trying anything like this for NYSE trading!
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    don't even bother trying this for any market !
  4. i have a friend that uses the 8ma and the 13ma on the 5 minuite chart to help time exits.. also, robert deel suggests the 7ema and 17ema on the 5 min to use for exit signals.. i have heard of people using dual ma's for entry but i dont know of anyone who uses that strategy..

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    Agree with above statements. It is not any way to try to trade anything.:p :)
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    MA's can be useful in timing entries and/or exits, but you should have other reasons for taking a trade (e.g. something that tells you a high probability of an extended move in a certain direction). Trading MA crossovers solely is a loser's game as you will always be lagging the market.
  7. My 2 cents is that using a 1 min chart exposes the trader to too much noise. Try using a 3-min chart, compare it with a 1-min underneath and you may discover that the 3-min chart keeps you out of many headfakes and false moves.

  8. The only thing bloody moving averages are good for is smoothing data, I find most indicators are useless.

    Stochastic telling you a stock is overbought/oversold compared to recent volatility; you can see that by looking at the chart anyway I mean come on!!

    When I was new to the market I used indictors but that was only because I didn’t know how to read the chart.

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    Dear qwiktrade!
    Who is Robert Deel ?
  10. robert deel is the author of "The Strategic Electronic Day Trader".. also has a trading school - otherwise, i dont know much about him..

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