Double Dip is in

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  1. The pundits will not speak about the fact that we are still in the GREAT RECESSION and there was no recovery.

    They based their Recovery on smoke and mirrors, low volume Stock Market Rally, who's gains are slowly eroding away.

    GDP grew 1.3% and Unemployment numbers were still weak and they will both be revised down in the coming months.
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    Yup. Headline numbers and stocks fell off shortly before the end of QE2....
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    NO such thing as a DOUBLE DIP recession when the economy is STILL in the SAME recession it was in since the credit crisis began, the only reason why they think were out of a recession is because GDP looks like it has grown over the last 2 years based on nothing but stimulus, so basically GDP has been artificially propped up over the last couple of years with worthless trillions!!!!
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  5. can some1 explain how a 1.9% GDP Gain in Q1, that the BEA said is the FINAL estimate suddenly becomes 0.4%?

    They said 2 QTR or more of less than 2% GDP yields recession either w/i 12 mth. or that we're already in a recession.

    So are we heading from "growth recession" to full blown recession?
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    It took the combined effort of both the deficit and QE1+2 to maintain flat GDP/employment. QE2 ended, which is why the recent downtown across headline numbers...
  7. Absolutely correct. Even with the goosed numbers they are not going to be able to continue the fiction much longer. Within the next year this lack of real traction will result in another recession even by their standards.

    If the European debt situation falls completely apart in the near term -- and it is a possibility -- we will immediately fall of the same cliff. We are depending on Spain and Italy to juggle through. Not a good bet!

  8. Considering the great teachings of the wealthy, should not we invest when times are rough to obtain cheaper pricing?

  9. True but through the past 10 years cheap has been under 1000-900 spx so we have a ways to go until "cheap" IMO
  10. Great point.

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