Double Dip For Sure

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  1. Per our research, client feed back world wide, IMHO, we are already in the second phase of a massive turn down, IE: Second phase of a worse cycle than the first down turn 08. Hold on to your the pundits cry Recovery....the global data is suggestion a huge storm on the Horizon.

    This is just one piece of info below, that shows, things are getting worse. There are plenty numbers out in the last week.... I advise one to do ones own research.


    "Employment increased by 38,000 last month, the smallest increase since September, from a revised 177,000 in April, according to figures from ADP Employer Services. The median estimate in the Bloomberg News survey called for a 175,000 advance for May.
    Such gains in employment are insufficient to help the world’s largest economy accelerate after a surge in food and fuel costs earlier this year. Businesses added 207,000 jobs last month after a 268,000 gain in April and the jobless rate dipped to 8.9 percent from 9 percent, economists project a Labor Department report to show in two days."
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    buy or sell?


  3. Thats because the people that already "can't" get a job said screw it! it's summer time!! beach every day until this blows over! lets keep collecting unemployment like the wastes we are!
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    they are never been good to begin with. i said this many times before: i have to track # of US companies traded at exchanges. every month i see 10's of companies are out. there is never been an uptick in those numbers.mean one thing: money and people are leaving US and there is no recovery..and never was any..very simple stats,no expensive\extensive research needed..exchanges trying to cover this up by inviting chineese and canadian companies, but we both know the this pace soon i will have nothing to trade,but very few big will be massive whammy on all levels..government must cut his own balls, it doesn't matter if they like it or not..US have to became more business\entrepreneur friendly..massive changes are needed..on all levels. right now all i see is just talk and talk..weak,corrupted,inexperienced leaders..looks like dumb and dumber from election to need to be genius in economics-just look at the $. this is face of the nation and yes, it's in deep shit.
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    A certain administration's policy to intentionally curtail domestic energy development and to keep gasoline prices inflated for the sake of "alternative energy development" will ensure a one-term presidency and a historical status akin to Jimmy Carter.
  6. Mike,

    Good question as in Buy or sell. To be honest, all my clients are out of the US STOCK MARKET and were out in 06.

    I deal with hard assets, Oil Wells, Transportation Infrastructure as in Ports world wide, Land as in Agi.

    I do not think the market will crash as "they" have prop't it up since 08's bottom.

    It may have massive volume loss and limp along for the next decade at these levels.

    The real hurt is and will deep'n on main street and that may cause the second American Revolution in many parts of the country.

    Wait till Social Media is used by Patriots and not thugs as it was on the East Coast over the Weekend. Flash mobs of gun carrying people ready for change may shake up a few things.

    Or like most I know in TEXAS......We will defend the TEXAS state line and tell the FEDs to go fuck themselves.

    Time will only tell.
  7. Bone, I think you may be wrong. The Freeloaders are loving him in most states and Obama is on track for re-election.

    There will be states, like Texas that will tell the FEDS to go to hell but most will be under the rule of OBAMA.

    BOB- I agree.
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    I want to know who YOU know in Texas! I'm in Galveston, shorn of my 'end of the day as we know it' supplies in Alaska. I want to know the guys with the guns at the borders. COUNT ME IN!

    ~~ A DAR, UDC-kinda gal! :D
  9. before we talk double dip; the market wants to make sure this dismal economic data is'nt mainly a result of the japanese earthquake.
    my opinion is rising commodity costs and a weak jobs market is more of a factor.