Double-brewed Coffee

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  1. So I have this Mr. Coffee style Krups drip type coffee maker, see.

    So, tonight (it's 2:00AM where I'm at) I wanted to try brewing stronger coffee with more caffeine.

    After the coffee was done brewing once I took the whole pot and poured it back into the water reservoir, hit the on/off button again, the black water started coming thru into the pot. :D

    double-brewed coffee.

    anyone up trading anything?

    I've been butchering USD/JPY skalping it long and short, short and long, making a bunch of trades.

    I ask myself, "why didn't I do this before??"

    probably because I thought for sure the moment I entered a short the puppy would tumble over a cent and I'd walk out clean.

    didn't happen. had to improvise.

  2. Hi sKaLpZ

    I'd like to know if you ever traded equities before and if so why you dumped them and what you do find so exciting in the currency market where you can expect your trades to be messed around at all time, especially if you arb/scalp.

    I may have got a biased view of fx but I am open to change my mind....

    Talking of coffee I like to make a misture of instantaneous and illy.


    PS if you are milking a ton of $$ from your bucket shop just forget this post.
  3. yo, Bitstream, I did trade stocks in the .com mania - lost my *** on DATEK, mainly because the institutionals had all the advantages over retail traders (much of that has since changed).

    I loved it though.

    forex is a whole different world.

    my forex broker is open 8760-hours a year in which I can open and close trades instantaneously round the clock if I want.

    Institutionals and super-cap private traders get the news a little before retail guys like me do because they pay bookoo bucks for news streams.

    other than that, what I find a blast about forex trading is that it is an "open" market - doesn't matter who enters a trade, once they do they're up against the same global forces as I am.

    so the only way they can win against me in by having a better system.

    and if my is superior, I win, period.

    so it's a level playing field.

    If you want some exposure without risking real money download a demo(s) - you'll be quoted real time prices, not like equity demos that are lagged.

    In the future, in addition to currencies, I'd like to trade global stocks, or rather stocks in global exchanges, i.e., China, Japan, Europe, Australia, wherever I can access them, besides the US equities markets.

    what do you trade now?

  4. I started out with equities, experimented many markets and find the nasdaq the better choice for my style and size.
    I also traded exotic deficits on fx, crude, silver/gold and indices for a while. not through OTC but as a simple retail trader, with IG and binexx.
    With binaries as a retail the problems I encountered made me exit this field: re-quote, delayed transactions and the last stroke: refusal on part of firm to open my positions, typical message I got was: 'this market is no longer available on line', amazing.
    Now I am stuck with nasdaq and happy.


  5. Euro today's range
    I except
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  6. Euro
    SHort at 60
    Eur/JPY short 60 to 75
    for 135.85
  7. sounds like overtrading to me.
  8. for some, perhaps.
  9. OK, so the market opened at 1.2027 and EUR/USD immediately banged down 100-points to 1.1932.

    USD/JPY jammed up to 114.18.

    really good showings on both pairs! good volatility.

    anybody make any money on shorting the euro?

    my only euro short that came in was EUR/AUD. pretty decent coinz.

    Here in California I didn't want to start trading this early - gonna be a long night - but, got to make hay while the sun shines. :D

    with USD/JPY continuing to climb I'm contemplating putting on a pot of coffee, as my USD/JPY longs are bagging some $$.

    decisions... decisions.


    usd/jpy 114.17
    eur/usd 1.1945
  10. opened a short on EUR/USD at 1.1932.

    beats being an "armchair speculator." :D

    I'll skalp it for the next 24-hours.
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