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    Get twice more opportunities for trading. Deposit at least 100 USD and get up to 100% bonus. The profit earned on bonus funds is available for withdrawal anytime.
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    Spam alert
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    Do I get fries with that?

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  4. Back of a napkin calculation, let’s say SWIM deposited 10K to get the max match. In order to get the match you must do lots = 10K/4 in 90 days. The cheapest spread they list is 1.1 pips on EURUSD. So on a 1 lot trade, round trip you pay like ~2.20 RT in commissions. So that’s $5500 in commissions. You also need at least 3 pips PnL per trade, so at $10 a pip you have $10 * 3 * 2500 = $75,000 worth of PnL swing. So back of a napkin this has positive EV, but in practice I’m sure SWIM would lose the remaining $4500 of edge on 75K of risk overnight to widened spreads and uninformed trades and every other reason trying to trade retail FX without an edge is a bad idea.
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    How many buckets can I buy from this shop for $100?
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    It's a shame, you were doing so well skulking around for almost 3 years here trying to engage the community. Now this unsolicited advertisement for a POS FX broker located nowhere, yet everywhere, while you sit there in Jakarta on the beach sliming pomade into your hair on the beach?

    I mean hey, that is what it looks like in your pic.
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