Dotcoms - a walk down memory lane

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  1. This is one of my favorite articles of all time:

    13. Melanie Griffith, the star of Crazy in Alabama and the founder of, tells Paper Magazine, "I don't care if people think I'm a dumb blond or stupid or an overage actress or over the hill. I don't care because I'm gonna have a very successful Internet company, and I'm gonna have $100 million in the bank and I don't really give a shit what anybody thinks!"

    22. Disney, Part I: In June 1998, the Walt Disney Co. buys a 43 percent stake in Web portal Infoseek in a deal valued at about $100% million. (Thirteen months later, the company announced that it would buy the remaining 57 percent in a deal reported to be worth $1.62 billion.) Explains Disney CEO Michael Eisner: "One reason we are in business with Infoseek ... is to have people who will turn to us and say, 'You guys are so old and so stupid' " ...
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    Mark Cuban did aight....