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    The economy was running on all cylinders the last 2 times the dow crossed 10,000, the 1st time was during the dot com BUBBLE the second time was for the housing BUBBLE, can someone tell me the significance behind DOW 10k this time besides trillions and trillions worth of [​IMG] being printed and historical low rates. Unless they take steps to shut the printing press down and increase rates, the chance of the dollar collapsing and inflation running wild is coming a lot sooner than most think.

    To think about the 1st time the dow crossed 10,000 was MARCH 1999, long, long time ago, who would actually think that 10 years later the dow would still be sitting under 10k, im sure the giddiness behind dow 10k when it first happened had people thinking that anything below 10,000 was not going to ever happen again.

    Why would DOW 10k mean anything the third time around, is anyone really that excited this time around as they were the 1st or 2nd time.

    Are the dow 10,000 hats going to be dusted off and come back out once again.

    DOW 10k RALLY hats are ready to go!!!!


  2. Art really wore that hat???! I thought "Dow 10000 hat" was just an expression. Lol I love it.
  3. That picture is when he dug it out of his closet for DOW 10,000 during the collapse last October.
  4. Powers of "10" in the Dow Jones, i.e. 100, 1,000 and 10,000, seem to be levels that the maket is unable to rally from for nearly 20 years. Your Dow-10,000 cap will surely get filthy & flammable before you can replace it with a Dow-20,000 cap. :cool: