Dorsey: "It's the top"

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  1. "It is the top," says Woody Dorsey, president of Market Semiotics, a research firm that specializes in behavioral economics. "I'm not afraid to say it."

    According to Dorsey's measurements, the market hit a 100% bullish reading on Wednesday, which hasn't happened since 2000. Extreme bullish sentiment combined with a rash of initial public offerings and huge leveraged buyouts mean the market is boiling over. Dorsey says this is an interim top, meaning it is likely to last about three months.
  2. LOL he wrote that on monday

    markets have regained almost all the monday loses so far

    he doesnt even have the balls to set a numerical target or a range for the markets cause he doesn't know shit. Just a bunch of speculation based on random data.
  3. hels02


    As long as people keep calling tops, the market's going higher.

    It can't climb without that 'wall of worry' right:p?

    The bears here make me happier every day! If everyone were optimistic, I'd be all out of the market.
  4. dac8555


    who is dorsey?
  5. dac8555


    right..that i know...but WHO IS HE.

    does he have a good track record?

    like Abby Josepph Cohen is the the lady who made a couple famous calls on the 87 crash and the internet streak.

    George soros broke hte bank of england..

    is this guy well known? has he made any calls before?
  6. When he makes a call, the hedgies listen. You get the idea?
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    I believed that who is calling the top actually is buying quietly.
  8. dac8555


    now we are getting somewhere...there are lots of hedge fund all kinds of wild claims.

    what is his claim to fame? does he have big clients?

    i read alot and have never heard of him...but am curious as to how he arrives at his conclusions.
  9. Does anyone get the impression we are getting close to a major financial crisis? its seems to me that when everything is as euphoric as it is now. tons of liquidity, limitless access to credit, and a lot of imbalances that somthing is going to go wrong.
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