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    I'm interested in hearing recent opinions/experiences with Dorman Trading. I plan to use NinjaTrader to daytrade the ES. I make about 2-4 trades a day so I'm not a high volume trader. How would they compare to IB in terms of commission, customer service, data feed, and reliability and reputation as a firm? Would you recommend another broker instead for trading index futures with NinjaTrader? There doesn't seem to be too much information about Dorman. Thanks in advance.
  2. i traded bonds through them a long time ago
    a great bunch of guys
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    Thanks Steelhead.

    From reading the Mirus reviews here at ET, it appears that Mirus is considered a solid broker for trading futures using NT/ZF. They also have lower commissions (4.40/rt for the ES) and lower margins than Dorman. For me, lower margins means I don't have to have so much cash in the futures account earning a low interest rate. I like the idea of going through Dorman directly, but going with Mirus and clearing with Dorman seems to have advantages. Having said that, I do have a few questions:

    1. Why would someone go with Dorman directly as opposed to Mirus and clearing with Dorman?
    2. How could Mirus, a Dorman IB, provide more competitive commission rates than Dorman?
    3. Do most people go with Mirus as opposed to Dorman? It seems to me that most go with Mirus just based on the number of Mirus posts vs Dorman posts - just an observation.
    4. For those that trade with Mirus and clear with Dorman, why did you not go directly with Dorman and eliminate the middleman? I know Mirus is a business partner of Dorman so "middleman" may not be the correct term.
    5. Who has a better staffed trade desk, Mirus or Dorman?

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    Would still like to hear about why someone would go with Mirus as opposed to Dorman directly. Mirus seems to have slightly better commissions and lower margin requirements compared to Dorman, but Dorman is still reasonable. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  5. without volume requirements ?
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    Yes. That is the commission specified when you request their rates from the Mirus website.
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    Noone trading with Dorman here :mad: ?

    I am considering either Mirus or Dorman. Everybody here is speaking about Mirus.

    Can't anybody say anything about Dorman's fees and customer service?

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    I trade only the ES using Mirus and Dorman to clear. I could not be happier, the commissions are 4.40 for the first 500 of the month then lower. I also use Ninja Trader....witch I was very skeptical of at first.....if for no other reason than it was free for charting, I have become a true believer in ninja.

    I unfortunatly cannot compare it to IB or the IB feed, however the Mirus intraday margin has not changed from $500 and IB's has gone up to over $6k I believe. So for a trader who applies proper risk management Mirus/Dorman wins flat out. I hope this helps some.
  9. I trade throught Amp with Dorman. No problems, but I am a little guy.
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