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  1. Just you and Trader28. You two should be pen pals.
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  2. C- kid

    C- kid

    the fact that vast majority think T28 is a troll that can't trade, tells you a lot

    take these ET posts, you could take collection of posts from lets say Hypo, Duref Arthur Deco etc

    if you were to analyze them all carefully with a background in human psychology that involves experience not just theory

    you could very accurately draw a picture what kind of person hypo is for example

    you could do the same with my posts etc

    to put it simply for for benefit of other ETers, if you are smart you can weed out people on ET who are the real deal VS wannabes, village idiots, intentional actors, unintentional actors - people with personality disorders etc

    BTW a funny story, I once asked a doctor who is a friend of my father,

    I said, but how can you diagnose your patient as paranoid schizo, when you yourself did not go to the moon to check if there are aliens there as patient stated

    The Doctor looked at me as if I needed treatment as well

    we are all flawed in the head, the question is to what degree. :D
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